Why Purchase Alpaca Products?

Warm & Comfortable

Quality Material


Alpacas originated in South America and are a relative to the llama and camel. The introduction of the alpaca to North America not only brought in unusual livestock to farmers, but also allowed the industry to introduce a wonderful new fiber called “alpaca fiber.” 

Alpacas are shorn once a year for their very fine fleece and are spun into yarn. This yarn is used for all types of garments including socks, hats, sweaters, coats and more. 

Alpaca fiber comes in 22 natural colors. It contains no lanolin making it hypo-allergenic without the itchiness of wool.  It’s warmer than wool and soft a cashmere. Alpaca products are very durable, so they last a very long time. It does not hold odor and it is water-repellent


Buy Alpaca products! It’s durable, warmer than wool, soft as cashmere, hypo-allergenic and easy to wash.